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In looking for the origin of “Oltissis” as a word, the possibility of it being Hurrian remains a nagging possibility.  Star and constellation names as they relate to Greek gods has long been an interest.  Zeus’ cohort of godlings were victors in war with the Titans and engaged in considerable intrigue to keep their hold on earth.  Hercules and Pegasus are especially interesting, because Hercules counteracted the ruling godlings that Zeus headed.  Hercules assisted the Titan Prometheus to escape Zeus’ torture.  Where did Zeus’ opposition go?  The winged horse Pegasus was the steed for the Muses who inspired the great authors of ancient Greece.  Hurrian is a candidate for the origin of Oltissis.  Some scholars suggest that the name Pegasus was borrowed from the Hurrian who occupied northern Mesopotamia in the second millenium BCE, which means they interacted with cultural descendants of the gods of ancient Sumer.  Some scholars reject the origin of Pegasus in the Hurrian, and the debate goes on and on and on.  Debate is all about dispute at a civil level.  We modern descendants of the old gods take great pride in civility.  Best regards, Krsanna 

An encounter with a drone UFO that Earth Files published has focused interest on the mysterious Oltissis and the absence of any trace of a book reported to mention it. A witness reported he saw Oltissis referenced in a book two days before Homeland Security confiscated it. http://www.earthfiles.com/news.php?ID=1870&category=Environment

Ted Connors, witness to the dragonfly drone that relayed information about Oltissis, reported he had found references to Oltissis in the index of a book entitled, “Ancient Greek Gods And Lore Revisited.” Two days later Homeland Security confiscated the book. Oltissis, as a word or name, did not exist in the ancient Greek. It may have been extraterrestrial, Asian, Semitic, or even Hurrian in origin.  (See message from Oltissis below.)

Good reasons may be found for referencing Greek gods with China's pleasure palace and Oltissis. The confiscated book, written by Fredrico Ionnides and published in 1962, as Connors recalled, suggests the book revisited Greek gods and lore in a decade when scholars were gaining greater freedom to question historical accounts but had not gained wide recognition. In the absence of a larger audience like that alternative theorist Zecharia Sitchin later found, Ionnides may have privately published. Sitchin revisited long-accepted assumptions about ancient Sumer after he retired, saying that he was finally able to write what he really believed. Sitchin’s popularity increased rapidly in the 1990s as UFOs and alternative theories of history were more widely accepted and began creeping into mainstream media.

Some scholars contend that 18th and 20th century renditions fabricated Greek history, to a greater or lesser extent, to feature Europeans as brilliantly heroic figures and erase traces of racially undesirable cultures. Martin Bernal addressed the scholarly fabrication of ancient Greece between 1785 and 1985 in his “Black Athena” volumes, published by Rutgers University Press in 1987. Dr. Bernal contends that the roots of classical Greek culture are African and Asian. Still controversial in 1987, 25 years earlier in 1962, before the Civil Rights movement, the revisionist themes of “Black Athena” would have been potentially incendiary amid racial tensions that culminated in the Civil Rights Movement in America. Greek history cuts to the roots of European identity. Scholars who work against the grain of generally accepted (or preferred) theories may find it necessary to privately publish their work without concern for professional or financial benefit. This may have been the case with Fredrico Ionnides. 

The complete absence of "Ancient Greek Gods And Lore Revisited" from libraries and knowledge of classicists might be explained by intelligence agencies confiscating other copies, before Ted Connors found a lone survivor on a table of old books. If Ionnides had himself encountered a drone or UFO that provided him information, he may have been watched as was Ted Connors. A privately published book with controversial information could have been confiscated as was the book Connors possessed.

The capability of surveilling UFO contactees and confiscating materials was demonstrated with Connors, alongside a history of similar official activity in the 1960s and 1950s. Absence of the 1962 book may indicate that federal authorities long ago removed other copies from circulation. Not only were UFO contactees suspected Communist conspirators in 1962 but China was a Communist country locked in Cold War with America. The USA greatly feared and distrusted China after the Korean War. A UFO contactees' book about ancient links between Greece (Europe) and China (Communist), connecting the two by ancient gods, could have put American intelligence authorities over the top of paranoia and angst. The McCarthy era in ordinary citizens were required to take loyalty oaths to keep their jobs in media industries was still fresh in America's memory in 1962.

Federal surveillance of UFO contactees was frequent in early decades of modern UFO activity. In 1963 the FBI surveilled UFO contactee Dan Fry's office, as evidenced by documents released under the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) that described a letter observed on Fry's desk. Hundreds of pages of FBI documents about UFO contactees George Adamski and George van Tassel have been released under the FOIA. Fear of Communist conspiracy was an articulated reason for FBI surveillance of UFO contactees. The FBI is charged with federal law enforcement in the USA, while the CIA is charged with foreign (or alien) affairs. The CIA has no legal authority over American citizens, but it could access files the FBI collected within the USA. In rare cooperation between "intelligence" agencies, the FBI could surveil UFO contactees in the USA and the CIA could access the records.

In a controversial scenario of this kind, encountered by other UFO contactees, the author would have been wise to publish under a pseudonym. This could explain the unusual combination of an Italian given name (Fredrico) and a Greek surname (Ionnides). But, this is America, and an Italian mother and a Greek father can easily be explained with ethos of China's pleasure palace -- feeling and psyche. (Smile!) "Fredrico Ionnides" could as easily be a pseudonym.  If Fredrico Ionnides was a pseudonym used to privately publish a controversial book referencing ancient aliens, he would be difficult to trace through official records. If the author were being surveilled as other UFO contactees were, the book could have been removed from circulation very quickly. Homeland Security confiscated the book two days after Connors checked it out from a public library. Ted Connors’ recollection of China's pleasure palace referenced in the book introduces an important connection with Asia consistent with the Olympian god Dionysus, who was reared in the East. Where in the East Dionysus had been reared remains a mystery, but the discovery of Gobekli Tepe points to Turkey as a possibility. The Great Mother, Cybele, who reared Dionysus, is prominent at Gobekli Tepe, where she is portrayed with felines also associated with Dionysus.

Emblemized with grapes, wine, pipes, and wild creatures, and accompanied by Satyrs and Maenads, Dionysus was a Greek god of pleasure and abandon. He shared with Apollo the oracle at Delphi, where each occupied the site six months of the year. Both sons of Zeus, Dionysus was sewn into Zeus’ thigh to complete gestation after his mother Semele viewed Zeus in his true brilliance and died. Zeus’ legal wife, Hera, was so incensed at the bastard Dionysus’ birth that she forced the child to flee to the east where Cybele reared and nurtured him to adulthood. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Dionysus_mosaic_from_Pella.jpg

Cybele’s images in the world’s oldest temple at Gobekli Tepe near Anatolia, Turkey, the gateway between Asia in the east and Europe in the West, associate the site with very ancient Greek gods. Turkey is a long stretch from China, which Ted Connors remembers being mentioned in the book, but Ionnides may have been exploring roots of Greek gods and lore in the East and comparing them with traditions of the Far East.  The Chinese zodiac comprises 12 palaces comparable to zodiacal houses in western astrology. The Pleasure Palace is the 11th in the Chinese zodiac. It represents “a person’s interest and hobby. How a person spends his or her money. This palace is also very important, similar to the life, it is about a person’s psyche and feelings.” http://astrology.champtalk.com/2011/06/13/the-12-palaces-of-chinese-astrology-polaris-astrology-real-chinese-astrology/

The Chinese Pleasure Palace as an astrological house was associated constellations of Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio. At Gobekli Tepe Cybele was the Great Mother symbolizing the “Woman” of Virgo, the only zodiacal sign represented by a woman. The lion that appeared with Cybele at Gobekli Tepe may have emblemized the physical spirit of the wild that emblemized Dionysus and Cybele.

Based on the calendric and astrological symbolism of Gobekli Tepe and the Chinese Pleasure Palace, ancient renditions that include Virgo are good places to look for Oltissis. It is definitely not Greek but some Greek gods had associations with Asia. In Africa south of Greece the Sphinx was oriented to Virgo and Leo. Virgo is the string that loops through Asia and Africa. It is not the only candidate, but it looks like a promising line of inquiry at this time.

Although ancient constellations were variously defined and stylized with asterisms in ancient systems, striking similarities correspond with modern definitions. The same cannot be said about definition of “system” in the introductory statement made to Ted Connors in his encounter with the drone. Is the reference to a star system, a constellation or some other type of system? Is it similar to the asterisms of Chinese astrology that extend across several constellations?

Assuming that civilizations throughout the cosmos define systems with the same parameters Western science uses is not reasonable. The Betty and Barney Hill UFO encounter is a case in point. When Betty asked where the ET was from, he showed her a star map and asked if she knew where earth was located in it. When Betty said she didn’t know he responded that if she did not know where earth was on his map then she would not understand his place on the map. Marjorie Fish, a school teacher later identified the binary star system Zeta Reticula as the central point of perspective for the map.  http://www.ufoevidence.org/cases/case315.htm

Modern meanings of words with ancient origins are sometimes quite different than the original roots. “Chaos” has evolved to mean “disorder or confusion” in modern terms, but it meant an abyss or gap, from the same root as “chasm,” in ancient usage.

One modern meaning of “ethos,” mentioned in Ted Connors message, is “The characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as seen in its beliefs and aspirations.” In the Greek, Ethos forms the root ofethikos (ἠθικός), meaning "moral, showing moral character". Late Latin borrowed it as ethicus, the feminine of which (ethica, for ἠθική  φιλοσοφία "moral philosophy") is the origin of the modern English word ethics. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethos

The Chinese Pleasure Palace as “a person’s interest and hobby… a person’s psyche and feelings” easily reflect an individual’s guiding spirit as characterized by ethos. The palace system of Mycenae that existed before the Indo-Europeans entered Greece was quite different in context than the Pleasure Palace of Chinese astrology. An early written script with no relationship to the ancient Greek alphabet was used in administration of the palace at Knossos. The script, Linear B, was discovered in the 20th century and did not in any way suggest Knossos was a palace of pleasure. Linear B used at Knossos counted livestock, grains, etc. and provided a means for recordkeeping.

The existence of "Ancient Greek Gods And Lore Revisited" referencing Greek gods and the Pleasure Palace of China must first be verified, if at all possible. If it is not possible to verify its existence then an entirely new line of inquiry is necessary.  If a privately published book using a pseudonym was confiscated by federal authorities, a possibility supported by documented data, the we must ask whether or not it might be obtained under the Freedom Of Information Act.  Homeland Security’s confiscation of the copy Ted Connors possessed suggests it might be beyond the reach of FOIA.  If that is the case then the overriding question is “why, why, why.” 


With 26 known exoplanets orbiting 20 stars, Virgo has more confirmed exoplanets than any other constellation. If Virgo were the system identified by the drone, the 23rd of 26 planets would be its port of origin. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virgo_(constellation) But, where would the count start to find number 23? The plane of the ecliptic at the center of the system?  Could Virgo (or other constellation) possess a portal that is advantageous to make a tear in Time and Space?  

In order to travel to our system those of Oltissis "create a TEAR" in what we perceive Time and Space, then they repair the tear when they return to their own planet. 

Human observation of their planet is through the lens of our own Time and Space and portions synchronized with our own continuum. Human eyes see only within a limited range of visible light. We see only a small range of our own electromagnetic spectrum and viewing into another time-space spectrum requires us to shift familiar perception patterns. It sounds complicated because Westerners are not educated in the nature of multiple spectra. If we understood the movements of time-space and the mind more fully we would be able to perceive with greater facility. We would be able to transition perception to other ranges, as those from Oltissis transition to ours.

Differentials in time-space and physical fabrics of worlds and universes are common topics in UFO contact messages. A UFO contact with Koldas that started in the 1960s in South Africa echoed key points in the dragonfly message from Oltissis in 2007.

In the UFO contact with Koldas, the extraterrestrial Valdar explained physical transitions necessary to reach our planet. “The physical body disintegrates and ‘flows’ along the magnetic fields and is reconstituted on arrival in a vastly different world.”

The message from Oltissis described a differential in Time and Space: “We are able to create a TEAR in what you perceive as Time and Space in order to travel great distances for our research. We repair the tear when we return to our own planet… Your world’s interpretation of what you call TIME & SPACE is incorrect.” 

UFO investigator Carl van Vlierden participated with Edwin, the contactee in South Africa, in numerous UFO events for 30 years. Van Vlierden reported his investigation of the contact with Koldas in two books: The Twelve Planets Speak and UFO Contact From Koldas. Van Vlierden reported in UFO Contact From Koldas: 

“Worlds and anti-worlds. Do universes exist in pairs? Matter and anti-matter? Valdar [from Koldas] says that earth is in the first universe and the Confederation and the Outer Worlds in the second or anti-matter universe. He admits that there is a “third” universe and probably others. The first and the second universes are identical twins. Galaxies, solar systems, planets and individuals too have a double in the other universe. Balance would be disturbed if one planet is eliminated – it would create havoc in both universes.

“The second universe with the Confederation and the Outer Worlds is no utopia. Wars have occurred in the past and the final war with the Outer Worlds is still to come.

“We intercept an emergency call from a spaceship in distress. 

“Help us… Earthman!” Initial language problem is overcome. It appears that a spacecraft is short of power and the crew are very cold.  Later, during the conversation with the Commander Esso of the marooned craft, the name George Adamski is mentioned. Esso says that he is responsible for taking the photograph published in Adamski’s book

“Inside The Spaceships”. We send a message which brings relief to the craft in distress.

“A magnetic disturbance prevents the Confederation spacecraft reaching Earth’s surface to back up their subterranean bases. In Nevada armed forces attack a Confederation base, probably to capture a Confederation spacecraft. The attempt fails and the Confederation decides to withdraw all their craft and personnel. Born on Earth, Gerry and his family are evacuated; he tells his story on a tape recording.  An alien spacecraft is captured and Valdar informs Q-base by radio that documents found on board indicate sinister plans for Earth, where they have almost reached their objective. In the Outer World, slave camps are the way of life. On Earth, no country is free from this alien contamination -- the corruption of morals, economic upheavals and wars. But Earth is very significant to the Confederation, hence their presence in this solar system.

“Valdar describes the mental conditioning that is necessary for faster-than-light space travel. The physical body disintegrates and “flows” along the magnetic fields and is reconstituted on arrival in a vastly different world. Going through the light barrier is a big step to take. Turning to the New Age, he says that the very structure of the atom would change and even electricity would case to flow through conductors. New sources of energy will be found. Mankind will be fearful, but a great uplifting would follow. But Earth is not doomed. The coming changes will affect the entire universe including Earth.

“The narrative ends with a heart-to-heart talk with a High Superior of the Confederation – Vax Noah. He makes a round tour of all the planets in the Confederation on the occasion of his 150th year in office. He mentions the prophets of old – Moses, David, later Peter and Paul. The modern “prophets” are Valdar, Taylanz and many others.”

(Carl van Vlierden, UFO Contact From Koldas)

The extraterrestrials from Koldas explained they were from a twin solar system that mirrors ours, and it was necessary to transition from their continuum to ours with a process similar to that explained in the message from Oltissis. Some of the contact team from the 12 planets had transitioned to earth's continuum for long periods and lived among us.

They had anciently built the Sphinx in Egypt, long before civilization as we know it existed on earth. They had maintained contact with the earth throughout our history.

Radio contact using standard equipment modified as a receiver was used in the contact, until the modified radio set was confiscated by the local government. Sufficient psychic and telepathic skill had been developed by the time the radio equipment was confiscated that the contact continued using tensor beam communications and telepathy.  Tensor beam communications is a technology employed with George van Tassel, which Bill Hamilton explained:  http://www.letters4earth.com/index/tensorvantassel.html

The mental imagery that Ted Connors described after contact with the drone, in which he was able to see the exact image of the written message until he had typed it could be done with tensor communication.  UFO contactees who have worked with tensor beams report that a degree of psychic ability is necessary in order to interpret information transmitted by way of tensor beam. It is a transmission that must be translated on the receiving human end, and the translation requires a degree of psychic skill.

Krsanna Duran


Submitted by Ted Connors re: message on June 25, 2007

Posted by Linda Moulton Howe - http://www.earthfiles.com

Date:  October 6, 2010

Time:  5:15 AM Central

Location:  Dead tree site of original June 25, 2007, encounter with dragonfly drone at company subcontracted to do infrared camera security for Homeland Security tasks.

City:  Montgomery, Alabama

Witness:  “Ted Connors”

Text:  Copied from Ted Connors October 6, 2010, typing as submitted by email



The Vessel is an information probe that enables us to understand your environment.  Our native environment is unlike yours, so we wish to learn so that we might be able to function in your environment.  We are able to create a TEAR in what you perceive as Time and Space in order to travel great distances for our research.  We repair the tear when we return to our own planet.

Our Planet is smaller than EARTH and has 4 of your MOONS.  Two of these moons we inhabit.  One of these is for QUARANTINE of those of our world who are ill or injured.  It is necessary that those be separated from the rest of our world until healed.  The other MOON is for production of the CRYSTALS that provide our power and propulsion for our vessels.  The Production of CRYSTALS is a highly volatile and dangerous procedure that could harm our environment.

Your world’s interpretation of what you call TIME & SPACE is incorrect.  All is INFINATE.  [Sic]

The VESSEL creates communications points at the location where we make contact with your species.  These communication points remain open until such time as the contact returns to initiate contact with us.  After this contact it is closed.  

At the given time, we will initiate contact with your species.  There is much to prepare before any contact with your world.  We have observed your world evolve and there is still much that could be harmful to our world through contact with your world.  Your world could not understand our physical or mental forms at this time, or the means by which we are able to traverse “ETHOS”.

Our Traverse’s are possible due to the absence of what your world is limited to by the presence of a Physical form.  Our existence is of the PROCESS and not the FORM.

Some of our species have been lost during our research and their PROCESS ended due to interaction with your world.  Your world is warned to respect, protect, and nourish the PROCESS.  

We value all PROCESS of our species and find it the most important element of existence.

We have watched you and researched your world’s attempts to traverse “ETHOS”

We have many different VESSELS designed for specific research of the worlds of our research.

We find your world interesting for the structure of so many elements.  Our world is devoid of these elements as they are not necessary for the existence of our PROCESS.

Our VESSELS travel at will and initiate contact with yours and other species as needed for our research.

Your world is in its infancy is of “ETHOS”

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